How to start readymade garments business in India

To start a garments business we need to look at various factors like

  • First is the place :  We need to find such a place which is located in the crowded locality rather than a place which is isolated from the city .
  • Investment : 5 to 10  lakh is sufficient for the initial start up , specially when we are dealing in the non branded clothes .
Now question arise : which is best to open : like we have to open a mens wear , ladies wear , kids wear or a complete family store :

To answer this question : I like to recommend you to look at the place size first . If you have a big place and a 25-30 lakh of capital than you can go for a complete family store , but if you have a less capital than don't go for a  family store . In such case open for ladies wear first or even take a survey of your locality and check what kind of shops are open there .

You can even watch the below video for more details :

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